Our mission is to enhance services provided to those touched by breast cancer in our rural communities. In addition to helping with traditional support services and complementary care, we hope to address issues specific to our rural setting, including access and transportation, physical/emotional isolation, and communication gaps between providers.

If you would like to participate in one of our programs, or know someone who would, please contact a committee member or email us at the address below.

We welcome community participation and input. Please contact us with questions or suggestions.

Breast Cancer Services of Siskiyou County

**Update on our web presence (7/15):

In an effort to be more accessible and mobile-friendly, we are in the process of moving to both Facebook and Google. At Google, we have both a SITE/PAGE, and an EMAIL GROUP. Please come check us out there.

Enhancing service to those touched by breast cancer in our community

BCSSC was formed in 2003 to steward money returned to Siskiyou County by the local climbers in:

The Breast Cancer Fund's

"Climb Against the Odds"

The climb has been held on Mt. Shasta since 2003. The BCF generously allows the funds raised by local climbers to be returned back to the community. Our climbers have been:

2003: Terry Thompson, Jenn Carr and Nancy Swift

2004: Annie Bowles

2006: Melinda Barnes

2007: Anna Antonowich

2008: Hillie Crowfoot

2010: Karen Pautz

2011: Paul Engstrom

2012: Alisa Johnson

2013: Jen Bray

2014: Tessa Montgomery

2015: Brett Waite and Paul Engstrom.

The support from the people of Siskiyou County has been enthusiastic, and we thank each person and business for their generosity.

Current Services

Be Strong

A cancer recovery program, in cooperation with The Wellness Center. BCSSC sponsors memberships that offer many choices of activities to improve the well-being of those diagnosed with breast cancer. (see our information page for links to the many benefits of exercise).

Counseling Program

A cancer diagnosis can be emotionally overwhelming for a family. An opportunity to explore issues and feelings may improve the experience for family members and patients. BCSSC funds visits to approved local therapists and counselors for family, loved ones, and patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

Uncovered Medical Expense Assistance

BCSSC can assist with uncovered medical or prescription costs associated with breast cancer treatment. Access is simple - all we need is a copy of the bill for an uncovered service (up to $500).

Transportation cost assistance

BCSSC can help with the cost of transportation to treatment (gas cards), up to $500.

Past Programs

Raft Trip

BCSSC sponsored program in the fall of 2003 that allowed a group of breast cancer survivors and their families to experience the healing power of friends and of nature, in the supportive care of River Dancers.

Mandala Healing

2004 - BCSSC partnered with Mercy Mt. Shasta to sponsor a cancer support group, "Circles of Healing", using a heart-based approach to explore the gifts and challenges to be found within the cancer experience.

Hospice Support

In 2004 and 2007, BCSSC donated to the two hospices in our county, to assist with uncovered services for breast cancer patients.

Think Pink Support

In 2005, BCSSC sponsored on of the informational brochures included in the annual local October Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

Mammography Equipment

BCSSC joined with our community to donate $2500 toward Mercy Foundation North's campaign to purchase computer-aided-detection (CAD) equipment to improve mammography services in Mount Shasta.

Yoga After Breast Cancer

Nurturing to body, mind, and spirit. Shasta Yoga offered BCSSC-sponsored yoga classes from 2004 - 2009.


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Mount Shasta, CA 96067