Our mission is to enhance services provided to those touched by breast cancer in our rural communities. In addition to helping with traditional support services and complementary care, we hope to address issues specific to our rural setting, including access and transportation, physical/emotional isolation, and communication gaps between providers.

If you would like to participate in one of our programs, or know someone who would, please contact a committee member or email us at the address below.

We welcome community participation and input. Please contact us with questions or suggestions.

About Us:

BCSSC is a committee composed of six women dedicated to enhancing services provided to residents of Siskiyou County who have been touched by breast cancer. We are breast cancer survivors, breast cancer patient advocates, nurses, and health care experts. We came together in 2003 to steward money returned to Siskiyou County by the local climbers in:

The Breast Cancer Fund's

"Climb Against the Odds"

BCSSC is grateful to the women who took on the challenge of climbing for our communities. Each climber spent many months in arduous physical work, training for the climb itself. Most of these women would tell you, however, that the harder part of the job was the fund raising. Even when asking on behalf of such a worthy cause, it's difficult for most of us to ask people for donations. This task was made much easier by the warm reception and generous support of so many people in our county. Every time that BCSSC gets another "thank you so much" from a grateful recipient of our services, we remind them that it was not the committee that helped them - it was the many wonderful and generous people in our county.

The climb has been held on Mt. Shasta since 2003. The BCF generously allows the funds raised by local climbers to be returned back to the community. Our climbers have been:

2003: Terry Thompson, Jenn Carr and Nancy Swift

2004: Annie Bowles

2006: Melinda Barnes

2007: Anna Antonowich

2008: Hillie Crowfoot

2010: Karen Pautz

2011: Paul Engstrom

2012: Alisa Johnson

2013: Jen Bray

2014: Tessa Montgomery

2015: Brett Waite and Paul Engstrom.

The support from the people of Siskiyou County has been enthusiastic, and we thank everyone who so generously gave of their time and financial support.


P.O. Box 932
Mount Shasta, CA 96067